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Lincoln Speedway’s Brandt Season Finale Coming Up Friday

Five Buck Admission To Fill Stands

                (Lincoln, IL) The outstanding 2017 season is about to come to an end at Lincoln Speedway, in Lincoln, IL.  A 12 event, special event schedule was put together in the offseason and the action has been great all summer long.  With only one rainout, May 19, fans have seen a great season of racing action, as crowds have filled the stands on numerous occasions.  That should be the case this coming Friday, September 1, as grandstand admission will be just $5 for the Brandt Season Finale.

                Six divisions of racing are on tap for Friday night’s event, including two classes of Midwest Big Ten Series competitors.  Headlining them will be the Big Ten Pro Late Models.  Springfield, IL driver, Jake Little leads the points and has been outstanding on the series this year with four wins in seven starts.  Two wins have come at Lincoln, while the other ones came at Jacksonville and Macon.  This Friday’s event is one of three remaining events and Jake Little has a 56 point lead on Ryan Little.  Both will have plenty of fans in the stands this coming Friday for Brandt night, which is also a sponsor of their cars.

                The Midwest Big Ten Street Stocks are also scheduled for action.  Lovington, IL’s Jeremy Nichols is on an amazing run this season, winning race-after-race in a number of different cars.  Overall in Big Ten competition, Nichols has won five out of seven and that includes four in-a-row.  The Big Ten Street Stocks ran at Lincoln on Sunday, August 13 and had an awesome field of cars and a great race.  Friday’s event pays $500 to the winner and $75 to start.

                The UMP Modifieds are also back in action and will have two features on the evening.  The first race of the night will be the makeup feature from the rained out August 18 event.  The starting lineup from that event will be used, as the race was just about to start when rain started to fall.  A full additional program will take place including qualifying, heats, and a feature for the Modifieds.  Ashland, IL driver, Brandon Roberts will look to claim the championship, and has a solid chance of doing so, leading by 80 in the standings on Austin Lynn.

                The UMP Sportsman will be making their one and only appearance at the track this season, as part of a Lincoln-Macon doubleheader weekend.  The Sportsman had a great show 30 minutes to the southwest at the Springfield mile, two weeks ago, and look to carry that momentum into this weekend.  The Sportsman will be racing for a $400 top prize on Friday night as well as Saturday night at Macon Speedway.

                The POWRi Lucas Oil DII Midgets by Nutech Seed are back at the home base for the series Friday night.  Leading the local points is Waterman, IL driver Jack Routson.  Routson is up by 52 on Belleville, IL’s Tyler Vantoll.  Routson has also recently taken the lead in the national standings from Vantoll but is up by just 36 points.

                Rounding out Friday’s on track action will be the UMP Hornets.  Springfield, IL driver Mike Eskew holds just a four point lead on Lincoln, IL’s Cook Crawford.  Eskew finished second in the standings at the track last year, while Crawford was the champion in 2015.

                Pit gates will open Friday at 4:00, grandstands at 5:00, the drivers meeting will take place around 5:45, pill draw will end at 6:00 when hotlaps begin, and racing will take the green at 7:00.  Grandstand admission for the event is just $5, while kids 11 and under are free.

About Lincoln Speedway:

                For more information on the track, follow Lincoln Speedway online at, on Facebook (, and Twitter (@LincolnILSpdwy).  Updates are also available by calling the Track Enterprises office at 217-764-3200.

                Lincoln Speedway is located at the Logan County Fairgrounds, in Lincoln, IL.  The physical address is 1408 Short 11th St., Lincoln, IL 62656.  Lincoln Speedway races a number of UMP classes as well as specials on a near bi-weekly schedule of Friday and Sunday evenings.  Lincoln Speedway is a proud member of the Contingency Connection’s $100,000 Racer Rewards Program.


UMP Pro Late Models

Pos Car # First Name Last Name City State Points Gap
1 38J Jake Little Springfield IL 450 0
2 33H Roben Huffman Midland City IL 412 38
3 32M Cody Maguire Carlinville IL 366 84
4 11E Brandon Eskew Ashland IL 340 110
5 20 Dustin Ingram Lincoln IL 334 116
6 84 Myles Moos Lincoln IL 300 150
7 38L Ryan Little Springfield IL 278 172
8 1M Andy Minett New Berlin IL 272 178
9 2K Kyle Van Dorn New Berlin IL 188 262
10 67R Rudy Zaragoza Jacksonville IL 182 268

Midwest Big Ten Pro Late Models

Pos Car # First Name Last Name City State Points Gap
1 38J Jake Little Springfield IL 392 0
2 38L Ryan Little Springfield IL 336 56
3 1M Andy Minett New Berlin IL 308 84
4 32M Cody Maguire Carlinville IL 304 88
5 33H Roben Huffman Midland City IL 298 94
6 T6 Tommy Sheppard New Berlin IL 296 96
7 67R Rudy Zaragoza Jacksonville IL 252 140
8 2K Kyle Van Dorn New Berlin IL 248 144
9 11E Brandon Eskew Ashland IL 208 184
10 44 Guy Taylor Springfield IL 172 220

Billingsley Elite Wash UMP Modifieds

Pos Car # First Name Last Name City State Points Gap
1 35 Brandon Roberts Ashland IL 498 0
2 72A Austin Lynn Mason City IL 418 80
3 14 Brian Lynn Mason City IL 410 88
4 77 Ray Bollinger Kewanee IL 338 160
5 3 Mike Brooks Peoria IL 258 240
6 10 Curt Rhodes Taylorville IL 240 258
7 98C Cole Hussong Mattoon IL 228 270
8 25W Allen Weisser Peoria IL 178 320
9 36 Kenny Wallace St. Louis MO 172 326
10 32 Donovan Lodge Andover IL 132 366

Midwest Big Ten UMP Street Stocks

Pos Car # First Name Last Name City State Points Gap
1 J24 Jeremy Nichols Lovington IL 416 0
2 14 Wes Biesenthal Athens IL 336 80
3 22 Dave Crawley, Jr. Decatur IL 334 82
4 711 Justin Layne Alsey IL 296 120
5 Z23 Shawn Ziemer Boody IL 260 156
6 22 Darrell Dick Monticello IL 226 190
7 67R Rudy Zaragoza Jacksonville IL 198 218
8 24 Justin Crowell Lincoln IL 196 220
9 55 Jason Scrimpsher Decatur IL 188 228
10 711w Walt Layne Alsey IL 188 228

POWRi Lucas Oil DII Midgets By Nutech

Pos Car # First Name Last Name City State Points Gap
1 10R Jack Routson Waterman IL 458 0
2 30T Tyler Vantoll Belleville IL 406 52
3 56 Mitchell Davis Auburn IL 374 84
4 6B Andy Baugh Mason City IL 276 182
5 2 Austin Archdale Brimfield IL 262 196
6 5 Wyatt Teare Rankin IL 228 230
7 09 Robby McQuinn Springfield IL 226 232
8 54 Eric Reibenstein Joliet IL 220 238
9 51R Gedd Ross Havana IL 210 248
10 7B Dave Baugh Bloomington IL 204 254

UMP Hornets

Pos Car # First Name Last Name City State Points Gap
1 21 Mike Eskew Springfield IL 268 0
2 64CK Cook Crawford Lincoln IL 264 4
3 15 David Lauritson Normal IL 208 60
4 14K Shane Kelley Hopedale IL 170 98
5 40 Adam Webb Decatur IL 160 108
6 33 Jeremy Reed Decatur IL 118 150
7 88 Derrick DeFord Canton IL 110 158
8 83D Dallas Lugge Belleville IL 110 158
9 89 Vernon Carlow Springfield IL 106 162
10 X Eric Vanapeldoorn Clinton IL 106 162

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