2013 Pro Late Models Notice

October 15, 2012
To all DIRTcar Pro Late Model drivers and teams,

For the 2013 season we will require that all Pro late Model engines be sealed either with the General Motors original seal or with a approved UMP DIRTcar seal. The cost will be $325.00 per motor.This will include 5 seals and everything else needed to tear down and check you engine as well as putting it back together. In the event the motor builder finds issue’s with your motor, The cost for repairing the motor will be between you and the motor builder. I have spoken with the people at Fastrak Racing Series and Nesmith Racing Series and both have agreed to recognize our DIRTcar seal and in turn we will also recognize their seals.

Below will be a list of certified people that you can contact to have your motor sealed. These will be the only people that will have our seals, so do not take it to someone else and ask them to work on your motor and then call and ask me for seals. It has to be one of the people listed below.

This will be a mandatory rule for the 2013 and everyone will be required to have their motor’s sealed. It does not matter if you are a member or not. If you are caught without a sealed motor after one time, You will not be allowed to race at any DIRTcar sanctioned track until your motor has been sealed. If a track allows you to continue racing without a sealed motor, that track could lose their sanction.

In closing I would like thank everyone in advance for their support and help in implementing this change. We want this class to grow and it is crucial for these motors to be legal for that to happen.

Rebuilders to contact
Bill Faust- (618) 660-8536
Mike Mullvain- (309) 694-5007
David O’Donley- (270) 559-9971

Sam Driggers/UMP DIRTcar director

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