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Pozsgai & Taylor Among Top Winners At Lincoln Speedway Opener

Large Crowd Enjoys Exciting Feature Racing
(Lincoln, IL) The 15th season of stock car racing is officially underway at Lincoln Speedway, in Lincoln, IL. The 1/4–mile dirt track was scheduled to open earlier in April but unseasonable weather didn’t allow it to happen. The wait was worth it, as each of the feature events included excitement and a number of local crowd favorites found victory lane.
The special class for the night was the 305 winged sprint cars. In the 20-lap feature, it was a battle between the two heat race winners from earlier in the night. Lincoln, IL driver, Max Pozsgai led early before 13-year old New Berlin, IL driver, Mason Campbell took control. Campbell stretched out to a sizable lead and looked to be on his way to victory. However, as the race wore on, Pozsgai methodically ran down the leader and made a pass late in the event to claim the victory. Following the local favorite were Campbell, Dylan Tuxhorn, Brent Burrows, and Tanner Gebhardt.
Another highlight of the night was the season opener for the Midwest Big Ten Series Pro Late Models. The series runs ten events during the course of the summer, for season ending awards. Springfield, IL driving veteran, Guy Taylor, coming off a win at Macon Speedway, last week, continued his hot start to the season by leading convincingly over last year’s champion, Jake Little. Little then suffered some mechanical issues which ended his evening. Race wasn’t quite over yet, though, as Kyle McMahon made a run at Taylor with a few laps to go. As the checkered fell, Taylor was followed by McMahon, Rudy Zaragoza, Roben Huffman, and Adam Mefford.
Many time track champion, Brian Lynn, led early in the 20-lap DIRTcar Modified feature event. Early in the race, the whole field went to the bottom of the track, hugging the inside berm. However, Donovan Lodge stepped outside to test the waters and started moving forward. Next up, DIRTcar Modified hotshoe, Ray Bollinger, did the same thing and methodically made it work, scooting past Lynn for the lead. Down the stretch, Bollinger extended his lead for the victory, while Lynn was able to hold onto second. Lodge was third, while Austin Lynn and Brandon Roberts rounded out the top five.
The Nutech Seed DII Midgets presented by Bailey Chassis Company had a decent field of cars for opening night. The action was dominated on opening night by Springfield, IL driver Chase McDermand, whose #40 ride was bad fast around the ¼-mile. It was a clean and very competitive race from second on back. Josh Thomas took second, while Andy Baugh raced from 11th to third at the finish. Jack Routson was fourth, while Robby McQuinn took fifth.
Rounding out the action was the Hornet class. 13 drivers lined up for the green flag and the competition was fierce. Jeremy Reed, a Decatur, IL driver, raced from his fifth starting spot to take the lead early. Adam Webb, another top Hornet wheelman, came from the third spot to take second. The two drivers raced across the line first and second, while David Lauritson, Danny Oates, and Kyle Harper completed the top five.
Lincoln Speedway will next be in action on Friday, May 18 with the Midwest Big Ten Series Super Late Model season opener. The Big Ten Street Stocks, Modifieds, Nutech Seed DII Midgets by Bailey Chassis Company, and Hornets will also race.
Pits will open at 4:00, grandstands at 5:00, pill draw will end at 5:50, hotlaps begin at 6:00, and racing will take the green at 7:00.
About Lincoln Speedway:
For more information on the track, follow Lincoln Speedway online at, on Facebook (, and Twitter (@LincolnILSpdwy). Updates are also available by calling the Track Enterprises office at 217-764-3200.
Lincoln Speedway is located at the Logan County Fairgrounds, in Lincoln, IL. The physical address is 1408 Short 11th St., Lincoln, IL 62656. Lincoln Speedway races a number of UMP classes as well as specials on a near bi-weekly schedule of Friday and Sunday evenings. Lincoln Speedway is a proud member of the Contingency Connection’s $100,000 Racer Rewards Program.
305 Sprints – Winged
A Feature 1 20 laps
1. 7X-Max Pozsgai, [1]; 2. 11C-Mason Campbell, [2]; 3. 9T-Dylan Tuxhorn, [4]; 4. 51-Brent Burrows, [3]; 5. 81-Tanner Gebhardt, [7]; 6. 007-Brady Barker, [6]; 7. 32-Jeff Tuxhorn, [5]; 8. (DNF) 70-Eric Shelton, [9]; (DNS) 97-Austin O’Dell,
Pro Late Model
A Feature 1 20 laps
1. 4T-Guy Taylor, [1]; 2. 45-Kyle McMahon, [7]; 3. 67R-Rudy Zaragoza, [14]; 4. 33H-Roben Huffman, [5]; 5. 7M-Adam Mefford, [2]; 6. 7Z-Michael Maestus, [10]; 7. (DNF) 15M-Colby Eller, [8]; 8. (DNF) 2K-Kyle Van Dorn, [9]; 9. (DNF) 38J-Jake Little, [4]; 10. (DNF) 25-Tucker Finch, [6]; 11. (DNF) 32M-Cody Maguire, [3]; (DNS) 60-Justin Springer, ; (DNS) T22-Tegan Evans, ; (DNS) 52R-Jeff Reed, Jr,
UMP Modifieds
A Feature 1 20 laps
1. 77-Ray Bollinger, [1]; 2. 14-Brian Lynn, [2]; 3. 32-Donovan Lodge, [4]; 4. 72A-Austin Lynn, [3]; 5. 35-Brandon Roberts, [5]; 6. 69JR-Jimmy Farris Jr, [7]; 7. 3-Mike Brooks, [8]; 8. 43-Jared Thomas, [10]; 9. 12-Johnny Kalb, [9]; 10. 19-Jimmy Sinkhorn, [12]; 11. (DNF) 11-Bobby Cunningham, [11]; 12. (DNF) 17D-Dan Dozard, [6]
Nutech Seed DII Midgets By Bailey Chassis
A Feature 1 20 laps
1. 40-Chase McDermand, [1]; 2. 43T-Josh Thomas, [2]; 3. 6B-Andy Baugh, [11]; 4. 14-Jack Routson, [5]; 5. 09-Robby McQuinn, [12]; 6. 30-Justin Anderson, [4]; 7. 37-Blake Bucholz, [3]; 8. 57-Mark McMahill, [9]; 9. 55-Jeff Sparks, [7]; 10. 19E-Daltyn England, [6]; 11. (DNF) 12-Alex Hunsaker, [8]; (DNS) 11-Brandon Smith,
A Feature 1 12 laps
1. 33-Jeremy Reed, [5]; 2. 40-Adam Webb, [3]; 3. 15-David Lauritson, [8]; 4. 41-Danny Oates, [6]; 5. 37H-Kyle Harper, [2]; 6. 412-Zach Bowles, [7]; 7. 26A-Michael McKay, [10]; 8. 64CK-Cook Crawford, [11]; 9. 21-Mike Eskew, [1]; 10. 316-Nate Webb, [13]; 11. (DNF) 3-Bob Sanders, [9]; 12. (DNF) 12K-Kodi Landholt, [12]; 13. (DNF) -20-Bryce Terry, [4]

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