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Illinois Motorsports Coalition On Reopening Steps

IL Motorsports Coalition ReOpening Steps[9]

Illinois Motorsports Coalition formed to lobby state government on behalf of motorsports industry, tracks, businesses, participants and fans
Plan for reopening presented to Illinois Dept. of Commerce and Economic Opportunity
and Bain Consulting on behalf of Governor J.B. Pritzker
Springfield, IL  – Owners and operators of more than 30 motorsports facilities, racing related industries and professionals located in the state of Illinois today announced the formation of the Illinois Motorsports Coalition (IMC). The purpose of the coalition is to bring awareness of the motorsports industry and serve as a lobbying arm as it pertains to racing in Illinois.
IMC members have formulated an eight-step, one-year plan to operate their facilities safely and responsibly.
Representatives from the IMC will present the proposal to government officials when the state legislative session resumes on May 18.
Matt Curl, owner and promoter of Fairbury Speedway in Fairbury, Illinois, is the spokesperson for the IMC.
IMC has launched a Facebook page and today released the following statement:
“In an effort to inform and educate the Governor of Illinois’ staff, and with guidance by leading industry professionals, we have submitted the Illinois Motorsports Coalition (IMC) plan to the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity as well as Bain Consulting. Bain Consulting has been selected by Governor Pritzker to develop policies as it pertains to the Restore Illinois Regional Phase Plan.
We have presented a comprehensive plan to reopen motorsports safely and responsibly in Illinois with significant compromise and tremendous restrictions to our normal operating procedures. Our seasonal businesses have already suffered significant losses. Further delay will result in multi-generational family businesses closing for good if an immediate opening plan is not approved.  We know that our plan will give adequate protection to all motorsports fans, participants and employees as required by the Centers for Disease Control. 
Like many patriotic Americans, we understood the importance of the COVID-19 crisis and willingly closed our businesses to provide adequate time to help flatten the curve in Illinois. However, flatten the curve, which was to have been a program with a limited time-frame, now has suddenly changed to find a cure. As other surrounding states are responsibly reopening their motorsports venues, we continue to watch our participants and fans traveling to other areas. They return home with empty pockets while we helplessly are doing the right thing.
We need an administration that is willing to listen and review our operating plan.
We now understand enough to know that the spread of infectious disease can safely be mitigated. We can’t be stuck in the trap of complacency through shelter-in-place orders. We MUST MOVE FORWARD while living with this challenge by acting responsibly and doing the right thing.  We now know it’s up to the citizens of Illinois to do the right thing and not have the way they live their lives dictated to them.”
The IMC’s eight-step, one-year plan may be viewed on the Illinois Motorsports Coalition Facebook page:

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