Update On Race Receivers

Lincoln Speedway will have race receiver kits FOR SALE for $100.00. They will also have race receivers for RENT for $10.00 a night. Lincoln Speedway promoter Norm Horn has said he would be willing to work with anyone to rent one on a weekly basis with the option to buy.

If you rent a race receiver you will need to buy an earpiece or supply your own because they will not be for rent. The cost for an earpiece will be $10.00

Race Receiver Kit- $100.00= race receiver and earpiece
Earpiece- $10.00
Rent- $10.00 plus $10.00 if you need an earpiece.

If you just rent a race receiver for the night it will need to be returned before you receive your payout for the night. Only the race receiver will need to be returned. The earpiece will be yours to keep since you paid for it.

Everyone in the Mods, Crates, and Street Stocks will be required to use a race receiver by May 4th 2012.

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