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Dean Shirley Night

Dean Shirley

  Lincoln Speedway invites you to join us in honoring the racing legend, Dean shirley. Come out to Lincoln Speedway on May 11, 2012 to see Dean! We’d like to thank Graue Inc. for sponsoring this event.

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The Dodge Raminator

Dodge Raminator

What’s 10 feet high, 12.5 feet wide, and 10,300 pounds? The Dodge Raminator and it’s coming to Lincoln July 20th, 2012! Mark Hall, the pilot of the famed Dodge Raminator and winner of 16 national series championships, will put on a show for Lincoln Speedway fans. To learn more about the Raminator visit the Hall Bros. Racing web site.

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Update On Race Receivers

Lincoln Speedway will have race receiver kits FOR SALE for $100.00. They will also have race receivers for RENT for $10.00 a night. Lincoln Speedway promoter Norm Horn has said he would be willing to work with anyone to rent one on a weekly basis with the option to buy. If you rent a race receiver you will need to buy an earpiece or supply your own because they will not be for rent. The cost for an earpiece will be $10.00 Race Receiver Kit- $100.00= race receiver and earpiece Earpiece- $10.00 Rent- $10.00 plus $10.00 if you need an earpiece. If you just rent a race receiver for the night it will need to …

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Race Receivers

Lincoln Speedway will be using Race Receivers in the near future. No time table has been set at this time. Lincoln Speedway’s promoter, Norm Horn, has said he would be willing to work with all those involved to obtain one. You will have the option to buy one from the track or use your own if you already have one. You will also be able to rent from the track with the option to buy or rent just for the night. Most tracks in the area are either starting to use them or have already been using Race Receivers and Lincoln Speedway feels the time is right to use them as well. We also feel it is …

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